Friday, July 28, 2006

A Tale Of Seasons

-yur : month
-asugguess : year
-TafsuT : spring
-anabdu : summer
-TamanzuT : autumn
-Tajrist : winter
-agharbez : school
-TamaTna : rain
-aSammiD : cold
-adfel : snow


Hugo Denis said...

Nice site!

Please, don´t forget to visit my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawi,
Metta hellidh dheg aqiyal ay?
Thanks for this poem. Is it originally from
lalla Zerfa Sahraoui or somebody else?

Enjoy anebdhu n'nek!!


shawi said...

Hi Chir,

Ghri ussen, but all in all, I am doing fine, thanks!

I am not sure about the ref.

qim di lehna.

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