Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mohamed Salah Ounissi

Hi, metta hallem/t,
I get a lot of mail concerning M S O. Readers want to know how to get in touch with him, his contact details, where to get his books...etc

Well, an Ounissi site is in the process of being developed. It is my hope that this site will answer all your questions. Be patient, the site is still under construction. I hope this site will be a link between Mr Ounissi and his readers. For more info, contact: ichemoulATgmail.com

I take this opportunity to salute Mohamed nnegh for his tireless work to promote Tashawit and the shawi culture with all its facets. He is putting Tashawit on the map! May aHalleq bless him for all his efforts!

M. S. O

آ يزور أوزمور إقوثين ذي همورث آحرور يتقيما ذاحرور أ ذ مميس نتمورث

ay azwar nu zemmur eg uTin d'i hmureT,
aHror yetqima d'aHror d' memmis n tmureT

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