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Researcher, journalist and writer, Mohmed Salah Ounissi was born in 1949 in the area of Khenchela, Algeria. His professional resume includes working as a journalist for the Algerian national radio(1971-77). Now he devotes his time to writing and research. His areas of interest are: Tashawit, shawi music and shawi history.

His books

-A book about the legendary Jermouni*
Alger : ANEP, 2000.

-Inzan d timseâraq : s tcawit, tafransist, taârabt : proverbes et devinettes chaouis : traduits au franccais et à l’arabe
Alger : ENAG éditions, 2002.

-Contes de berbérie et du monde = Tinfusin si tmazgha d umadal, traduit par Djebaïli Abdellah
Alger : ENAG, c2003.

-Amawal, s Tcawit, Tafransist, Taârabt = Dictionnaire, Chaoui, Francais, Arabe
Alger : ENAG éditions, 2003.

*Not sure about the title.

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shawi said...

Please note that Ounissi's books are available di TmurT, backhome in Algeria.

And they are available in major libraries such as Harvard, Library of Congress...etc

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