Friday, April 7, 2006

Khir a Soltan

Khir a Soltan is attributed to Lalla Icha Ziqûn. See Mohamed Nadhir Sbaa

khir a Soltan, khir a yalus

zenz aguel amenHus

Ternid l3uda d uqarbus

serged memmi ameHbus

yewwiT u rumi amenjus

ggines Tisergel deg fus

yekref ghur u yis d-aberkan

es-inglef d-am3sus

azzel azzel a yalus

awid lfuchi nu mesmar

ul inu yetchur da-doummar

azzel azzel a yalus

awid lfuchi du qartas

doummar aT yenghey

seg rumi din afertas


shawi said...

khir a soltan is an old song. In it, a mother is urging her brother in law to do his best to free her son from the French jail.

Napalm said...

Azzul felak yuma Chawi,

Please allow me to twist this poem a bit.

khir a soltan, khir a yalus

zenz aguel amenHus

Ternid l3uda d uqarbus

Asgh anagluf a kuchagh fus

Sarg si hmurt anegh aerab amanjus

Azzul for now.

shawi said...

Why would you take a beautiful thing and turn it into nonsense? Maghef? Why don't you talk about the literary merits of the song? How about its historical significance? How about translating the poem?

Think positive, you could do much better!

Napalm said...

to Chawi,

It sounds like you don't appreciate whom ever is making an effort to help your site, therefore, ghim dhiss wahdhak. With your questions why why maghef you are not going to gain any fans for your blog.

shawi said...


Yella help and there is "help". While I appreciate the former, I could do without the latter.

Thanks for visiting!

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