Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Aith Cheikha : irahhaben n warris

Hi, metta hallem/t,
Tarahbit is a unique shawi musical tradition. This type of music is characterized by dominant vocals, the bendir and religious hymns.

Here is the group Aith Cheikha of Arris celebrating the annual apples festival. Watching irahhaben of Arris performing their craft is an uplifting and hypnotic experience

La plus belle séquence recueillie durant la journée de la Pomme fêtée à Arris le 11/11/2007, Aith cheikha Harwa n Warris.
Source : Yellis-n-Arris

PS : For the description of TaraHbiT, see Massiniss'a IraHHaben


Anonymous said...

it is nice video
I would like to correct one thing for you please

Ait, is more kabyle
Aith is more chawi

Thank you
The chawi

shawi yegguma said...

Thanks fro your input a chawi!

Qim d'i lehna.

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