Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Yellow House

Dir/scr: Amor Hakkar*
Fr-Alg. 80mins (2007)

Shot in the Aures mountains, one of the more remote and arid regions of Algeria, The Yellow House is a worthy and particularly authentic representative of North African cinema that at the least can expect an extended list of festival. Refraining from any political statements or exploration of deeply human issues, Amor Hakkar's second feature film reads very much like a mournful version of David Lynch's The Straight Story, a road movie about a peasant riding his makeshift motorised tricycle all the way from his hovel in the mountains to the city morgue in order to retrieve his son's body... more

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* Born in 1958 in Aures, Algeria and brought up in France.
1- « Timgad, la vie au cœur des Aurès », documentaire, 2002
2- « Sale temps pour un voyou », long métrage, 1992

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shawi yegguma said...

Metta hallem,
I'm very exited about this film. Anyone had a chance to see it? Please share with us your impressions?

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