Friday, August 10, 2007

Tarwa n lawres

metta Tallem a Tarwa n lawres
metta hallemt a yessis n Souk Ahras
eg getteggen akhalkhal d'u maqyas
beddet f ray amu Tarres
uTlayet awal nwan d'eg iD d' wass
d'eg mazroy yella.......
Hmar Khadou yekred ssis si lHawas
si Khenchela ad yerg Abbes
isserg fransa su qartas
neswa hajaghimet nughi nu funes
u netga3mred s waghrum d' lfarmes.

Pictured here is the author, Saci Abdi and his wife, Yemmes n lures. Researcher and a student of history, Saci is an active member of the Aures Amazigh Movement .

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