Tuesday, July 10, 2007

3awan imannek : Create Your Own Destiny

Source : RadioBatna
Program : hanfust (9.7.07)
Presented by Mohamed Salah Ounissi

Chra m wass, anilti yettef uchen, bech ahyenSaH wa hid'adggar, u yennes : chek hattigued' ghir ighawsiwin ifuHan, hatmagrid' f isar3af, hattekred' ulli d' yizmaren, maghef u tmagrid'ech f yikraren s yichen izawaren ?

Yennes uchen ikraren gadren fella, usentqaddeghch. Yennes unilti : chek hetmagrid' ghir f yey rehmen d' iD3ifen. Uchen ikhammem amachwar u yenness : ma urukireghech, ad'emTa s laz; ma magregh f yey igadren fella , ayenghen. Anilti ikhammen mliH, u yennes : ghark lHaq, hannid'et, lazem atteched' wa at3ached' akd chek, akinigh awal.

Yennes uchen: hih, a nech sghad'egh. Yennes unilti:uch imannek i fus n rabbi, hrajid' lmakTub. LmakTub, yennes wuchen, metta netta lmakTub? Yennes unilti : lamkaTub ..... rabbi d'i himmi nnek d'i duniaT aya, qim sma n wabrid', aqqal d'eg sar3af it3adden, hikhsi ak .... rabbi attess hattezel.

Uchen yuman s tuTlayeT ayya. iraja asr3uf amazwaru, aser3uf senn, aser3uf TlaTa, ulli ggument adasent ghers, u yenghiT laz. Mella gher u sar3uf adigguren, uchen igaber hikhsi TanaggaruT, inaggaz felles, u yebd'a yettet d'is.

Anilti i3ayDas s yun u yennes : ay uchen hasserksed' fella. Yennes wuchen : lmakTub yegguma ad yas, 3awnighiT bech ad yas ghri.

One day a shepherd caught a wolf. He wanted to give him some advice. The shepherd said : you are always doing bad things, you attack the flocks, you steal sheep and lambs, why don't you pick up on rams?

The wolf said : the rams are too strong for me, I can not handle them. The shepherd said : you only attack the weak and the frail. The shepherd thought about it carefully and said : if I don't steal, I will die of hunger; if I attack the rams, they will kill me. The shepherd though carefully and said : you are right, you too need to eat and make a living, I tell you what...

The wolf said : ok, I am listening. The shepherd said : trust in God and wait for destiny. Destiny, said the wolf, what is this destiny? The shepherd said:Destiny is what God has installed for you in this life. Go to the road and wait for the herd to pass. The sheep which is meant for you, will come to you.

The wolf did as he was told. He waited for the first herd... second herd ... third ....but nothing happened. No sheep came close to him and he was starving. The next herd, the wolf jumped the last sheep.

The shepherd called him and said: you lied to me. The wolf said : destiny refused to come near me , so I helped it come to me.


  • 3awan imannek : help yourself
  • anilti : shepherd
  • uchen : wolf
  • ighawsiwin : things
  • isar3af : pl. of asar3uf, flock, herd.
  • ulli : sheep
  • izmaren : pl. of izmer, lamb.
  • ikraren : rams
  • maghef : why
  • laz : hunger
  • hih : yes, ok

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