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Hi, amk hallem/t,
Behdouda is a theatrical piece by a group of kids from the region of Ichemul, Aures. The play follows the adventures of 3ammi Qaddur, a seventy-year old widower who cannot handle the pressure of keeping a job and taking care of his kids. Our old timer is thinking about remarrying, but he has a problem. He does not know how to break the news to 3ammar, his son. And so goes the story...

The play deals with social themes such as old v new, generational gap, old traditions v new ways of life...etc

Behdouda (Pièce théâtrale en chaoui)
Source : Yellis-n-Arris

First, awal nnigh sen, a word or two about the traditional clothes.

1.The white robe is called hajbibT/TajbibT
2.The traditional coat is called haqachabiT/TaqachabiT
3.razzeT, the yellow item on 3ammi Qaddur's head
4.echech, the white item on 3ammar's head.

Scene one : musical introduction

Scene two : 3ammi Qaddur Ponders The Question of Marriage

After a long day of hard work, 3ammi Qaddur is home. He is dead tired, but his day isn't finished yet. He has to prepare some food for his kids. While he prepares aghrum, 3ammi Qaddur remembers the good old days when his late wife did all the house work. Now is he has to do everything. He has to deal with the business of preparing aghrum, ibarbech, and ichakhchekh. Also, he has to deal with the business of feeding the animals and milking the goats.
Faced with all these problems, 3ammi Qaddur ponders the question of marriage. The issue of archel, marriage is a touchy one. 3ammi Qaddur is embarrassed and does not know how to break the news to 3ammar, his son. In addition to that, 3ammi Qaddur is weary of today's much younger ladies.

Scene three : 3ammi Qaddur Breaks The News To His Son

3ammar enters the room, kisses his father and says,"ahla a lwaldin, metta hallid'", how are you, father? "Nech bkhir a memmi", am ok, son, answers the father. Aghrum is burnt and 3ammi Qaddur is edgy. 3ammar senses that something is wrong. He says,"assa halla lHajet", there is something wrong today. 3ammi Qaddur struggles to find the right words. He says,"since your mother passed away, we have been living in misery." 3ammar is understanding. He says,"a Rabbi ad' wasse3 felless, weg mmuTen iroH, imira..." , God bless her, but she is gone now...

3ammi Qaddur breaks the news to his son. 3ammar is understanding, but he tells his father, you are too old to get married. He offers the following solution, "ad' ga3maregh, wa dawigh amattuT yeHlan", when I grow up, I will find a nice wife. But 3ammi Qaddur is not impressed. He says,"buh buh a 3ammar, chek d'amazyane, nech khsegh imira", you are young, I need help now.

3ammar gives his blessing, but he is not happy. He says, "debbar rasek a lwaldin", it is your call, father...


  • assa : today
  • aghrum : bread
  • imira : now
  • amattuT : wife
  • archel : marriage
  • ad' ge3mregh : will grow up (nech/I)
  • metta hallid' : how are you
  • iberbech : pl. of Taberbucht, couscous
  • ichekhchekh : pl. of TachakhchukheT, an Algerian dish
  • memmi : my son

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