Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hodgson's Memoirs on the Berber Language

Source : The North American review, pp. 54-75, Vol. 35, Issue 76, July 1832.

ART. IV. Hodgsons Memoirs on the Berber Language.
1. Grammatical Sketch and Specimens of the Berber Language, preceded by Four Letters on Berber Etymolo- gies, addressed to the President of the American Philo- sophical Society. Read Oct. 2, 1829. Published in the Transactions of the Society.
2. Notes of a Journey into the Interior of North Africa, by Iladji Ebn~ed-Din El-Eghwaati. Translated by W. B. HODGSON, Esq, late American Consul at Algiers, and a Foreign Member of the British Royal Asiatic Society. London. 1830.


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