Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bechtoula : Reliving the Golden Days of Shawi Rock

Metta hallem/t,
I have a treat for you. A beautiful surprise! This clip takes us back to the golden days of shawi music. Music that lifts the spirit and feeds the soul. Rock with Sabri and les Berberes and relive the golden days of our music. Enjoy!

Please join me in thanking massisam for bringing these precious Algerian gems back to life! Thanks a massisam, seg ul!


asekkur amalleleT d'i lmaHfal
lalla wa chmezragh s tittawin inugh
a netch d'ameziane d'assekhaf
w ittawin nnem a waltma enghintaya

ma yella ma yella
ma yella u bechtoul et walla
echmigegh d'eg beggass
ad'chuqqegh issem la3rach
wa d'ernigh hamureT n issegniyyen
ad' chuqqegh issem l'Aures
wa d'ernigh lafjuj khlia


Anonymous said...

Hello Shawi,
Thanks for always finding good shawi stuff on the internet and sharing it with us. A bravo also to massiram for these memorable videos of our Djodjo.
Isn't Bechtula an old female shawi name? Some people took the habit to explain everything with derja. Djo is singing about a lady and not a gun.


shawi yegguma said...

Hi, amk hallid' a chek,
A funny thing happened yesterday. I was watching djo's videos with a friend of mine. His first reaction was,"is this your Algerian Mick Jagger"? :) And you know what, my friend is not far from the truth. Djo is a whole package: rhythms, lyrics, personality and showmanship.

As for your question, Djo's lyrics are deep. One has to consider the cultural context, the metaphor...etc. Having said that, he seems to be singing about a lady.

BTW, I can not figure out the beginning and the second part of the song, so please see you/others if you can figure out the rest of the lyrics.

As always, it is nice to hear from you.

Take care, bro!

fus ahrur said...

matta lahouel noun, awma negh ?!a shawi: iness i massissem ,
ulinu yuzzel gher ussawen,et que rechanter les chansons de Joe derrière mon écran sait l'une des plus belles surprises iness iness !que dieu vous protège et vous porte attention vous garde et nous gardes inchallah,ma nedder !

anebdu aya uguiregh gher warris,adh awigh imediayzen ,les videos ichawiyen,inchallah!

shawi yegguma said...

Hi fus,
>ulinu yuzzel gher ussawen
Am d'aya :)

U tettuch etiguid' interviews id' n imadyezen nnegh.

Qim d'i lehna nu Halleq.

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