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Traditional Berber Architecture In The Aures, Algeria

Traditional Berber Architecture In The Aures, Algeria
Vernacular architecture
Vol. 20, pp. 24-37 (1989)


This study illustrates the traditional built forms in the rural areas of the Aures, Algeria. It presents a typological approach to the spatial organization of the dwellings within the Aures valleys. The region represents a wide range of architectural styles and structural features demonstrating the creative character of the Aures people, those act of building was an act handed from father to son and those knowledge formed a part of the communities heritage. Forms of building are discussed, with details of materials and constructions, and placed in their economic and environmental settings.

Keywords : Architecture ; Dwelling ; Troglodyte dwelling ; Construction ; Technology ; Space ; Spatial structure ; Family ; House appointments ; Economy ; Africa ; Algeria ; Berbers.

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