Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Inijiwen ennen : Guests Say

Dear readers,

It has been 5 months or so since I started this blog. I believe it is time to take stock. It is time for an honest evaluation. That is where you inijiwen, guests come in. Let me know what you think. What do you like about the blog, what don't you like, what improvements to you suggest...etc.

Suggestions, criticism, hints are welcomed. Don't be shy, I can take a punch or two :)

Remember this is your blog. Please help enrich it! Use any language you feel comfortable with:Tashawit, Ta3rabet, Tanglizit, Tafransist...

fuss deg fuss, we will get there.

Thanks seg wul!

: guests
-fuss deg fuss : hand in hand
-seg wul : from the heart


Anonymous said...

Hello Shawi,
Your blog is an open window on the shawi culture and language. It is informative and up to date and that makes it vibrant. The issue is maybe the lack of feedback or simply the passivity of the visitors who should do their duties by commenting the articles and sharing theirs opinions. I'm optimistic and think everything is going the right direction as the blog gets known and discovered.

Excellent work!!


Anonymous said...

Amek Hellidh Shawi,

La passivité des chawis a réagir et à contribuer est une interrogation qui nous interpèlle. A moins que nous, les Chawis, avons la phobie de l`écriture.

Gardons espoir.

Ton blog est authentique point. Surtout ne change pas. Et si tu veux changer soit encore plus authentique.

We too, we have an enormous DREAM.


KNL said...

I love this blog. I wish there was more about Shawi history though. Ottoman topics, revolution, etc.

It is a great piece of work you have started. Keep it up.


shawi said...

Hi guys,

Thank you very much! I appreciate your kind words!

Seg wul.

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