Thursday, July 20, 2006

A lalla Hanna

A lalla is another gem from Alilou nnegh. Massinissa at his best!

Listen, esghed, song48 A LALLA HANNA

chem a TawardiT nu meg
chem eg afren dug ul nnem
a lella Hanna iniTid ad yarg
la3mar itazzel chem Tassusmed
taggadech si duniT a lalla Hanna
d-lmakTub ad yessan
inid inid metta Tefred
inid inid mani ettejid
ehen 3adden ussen w arnin issougguissa
ul nnem itraja seg fuss nnem TuddimeT n waman
ad yerTaH netta wa ad yakmal wawal
yella thafridiT a lella Hanna si kam n la3wam
ini techtighichek wa amukan nnek deg ul inu
ini chek tafukeT ad yaggaren deg ul inu

Sweet Lady

O you, rose-cheeked lady

Oh you who is hiding something in her heart

Say , reveal what is in your heart

Time is flying but you are keeping silent

Don't be afraid of life

It is all in destiny O my dear

Say , reveal what you are hiding

Reveal your secret

Days had passed then years

And your heart is still waiting

To be free and fulfilled

Reveal your secret

Admit that you like me...that I belong to your heart

Admit that I am the shining sun in your heart

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