Thursday, June 15, 2006

A yelli semHay

A yelli semHay is a heartfelt sad song. In it, a father is pleading with his daughter for forgiveness. Forgiveness for the mistakes he made. Forgivness for not being there. The song deals with themes such as parenthood, exile, redemption and life in general.

Album : Hamid BELBECHE & Selma
Song #2
Edition Saint Crepain

a yelli semHay

yemmas TammuT, babas iroH ibeddal ajarTil
il a yemma il il a yemma il, f lHal ugujil
il a yemma il f adrari egg roHen
chahlegh TameddureT a yemma Tawway
Tas3addey labHor TroH u Tajjey
a yelli semHay...semHay a yelli
a yelli semHay zman ighurray
ggujlegh d-ameziane iggujel itqammaD
yemgher seg ul
udem nness n lamHayen, ikhf nness n lahwayen
u disergueych, iteffer deg ul
akhammem isefney, ametta iggudey
fellam a yelli fellam a yelli

-TammuT(netteT) : she died
-babas : her father
-ajarTil : mat
-il : cry
-agujil : orphan
-TameddureT: life
-Tawway : took me
-Tajjey : left me
-udem : face
-ikhf : head/mind
-u disergueych : does not show. He does not express his feelings.
-iteffer : holds(his feelings)
-ametta : a tear
-ametta iggudey : I cannot cry.

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