Thursday, June 1, 2006

Inzan nnen : Proverbial wisdom

Some proverbial wisdom , courtesy of Latti3ad n Tshawit:

-am tmattuT n warbib
Like a stepson's wife.

-am maqbor yetwattun
It is like a forgotten grave.

-am luSayeT nu nemmiti fi manness

It is like a dead man's promise.

-am iraqsen deg sallass
It is like dancing in the dark.

-am wa ichaTen di Tallast s TaghriT
Like beating up darkness with a stick.

-am yuzuzran deg 3ajjaj
It is like sorting(barley and wheat)during a thunder storm.

-am itafZan di lmarq
It is like chewing sauce/water.

Amawal/ Dictionary

TamattuT : Woman

arbib : Stepson

aqbor : Grave

nemmiti : Dead person

sallass/Tallast : Darkness

TaghriT : Stick

izzuzer : To sort

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