Sunday, May 7, 2006

nechnine dimoDane

I don't know much about MASYLIA, but "nechnine di moDane" is a pretty song. It reminds me a bit of Jermouni's timeless "a nechnine di maghbane di Tmura n yudan." Needless to say that the beat of the two songs is different. Let me know if you have any info about MASYLIA.

Enjoy Massilia

nechnine dimoDan nechnine dimoDan

lalla walma di Tmura n yudan

yawwanegh u nezgum si lham abarkan

a tayyaraT inin i3alan

lwashun tawwid mani wallen

lalla walma inassen ad wallen

war3ad trajigh war3ad trajigh

lalla walma fellam ad laghigh

awal Tinid nech a Tinigh


Anonymous said...

......(not clear) si lham abarkan
Yawanagh o nezgoum si lham abarkan

Yatbanad amma thaqar mais je suis pas sure.

shawi said...

>Yawanagh o nezgoum si lham abarkan

>Yatbanad amma thaqar mais je suis pas sure.

gherk lHaq, you are right. Thanks!!

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