Saturday, April 29, 2006


Amirouche blasts Ishawiyen and all Algerians for their tribalism, backwardness and their sad state of affairs. A wake up call!

metta aghen yajjin di naggura

di naggura mandum n lajness

TamureT ennegh d-al3araT n tmura

udan ulin gher u yur

mad netchni war3ad di a3ruchiT naggur

mda hadakran Ug ZalmaD d Laghror

aduTan ikhfawen enngh su gastur

How did we end up last

Among the nations of the World

Our Land became a laughing stock

Others reached the moon

With us tribalism is the norm

If only ZalmaD and Laghrour* were here

They would have settled the score.

*Abbas Laghrour(1926-1957), a hero of the Algerian Revolution, from the region of Khenchela.

*Lmas3ud u ZalmaD is a mythical figure in the history of Aures. What some historians call a bandit d'honneur, Lmas3ud evaded the draft, refused to pay taxes and took to the mountains. He was a combination of Ben Boulaid, Robin Hood and Jesse James.

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You know it is never too late to begin anew and change our fates and destiny. The first step to change is always to acknowledge and accept what is wrong right now. Hope this will help those who read it.

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