Thursday, April 27, 2006

gug a memmi gug

Souhali is better known for his other artistic interests such as theatre, painting, caricature...etc. What a lot of people don't realise is that he is an accomplished musician who writes his own lyrics and plays different musical instruments. Many of Shawi singers were discovered by him.Unfortunately his music does not get the exposure it deserves. By sharing with you some of his music, I hope I am doing my bit to expose his beautiful music. Salim Souhali is an authentic artist with a lot of soul. Check him out!

gug a memmi gug is a beautiful lullaby. Listen to it with your little ones.

Listen, song98 esghed

gug a memmi gug

ennesgh ifula wa digga Ta3lula

BedduH ittilula

gug a memmi gug

arroH gher wadrar fu aghyul awasar *

mani nella zik nattirar

gug a memmi gug

ad idga3mar memmi wa di3ad d-argaz

asdawigh TasliT wa dissawa akham

*I heard another version which goes like this: erroH gher wadrar fu yiss amellal.

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