Sunday, April 23, 2006

Remembring Chérif Merzougui

In Cherif Merzougui, Amirouche, the bad boy of Shawi rock pays a moving tribute to the painter Merzougui(1951-1991).

qim di lehna, rest in peace, Cherif!

Listen esghed

a Cherif Merzougui aduma inu

yamHa yamHa u 3adis inu

i walla tala idamman

nannen aHbib nwan yadduri zaddu nu chal

m3awnen fellas inazgam d zemmar d zermen

ass n rab3a di ibrir yila w-aDbir

Tila Titt yamHa wul ak ada ma yella d-aHdir.

Oh Cherif Merzougui my brother

I am heart broken

My stomach turned into knots

when they annouced the death of our dearest

Who finally succumbed to life's troubles

On the fourth of April, the dove cried

Even the hard-hearted broke down in tears


Anonymous said...

Cherif is indeed a super star Auresian artist who should'nt be forgotten. Few years ago, some forumists to shawi websites suggested to create a web/blog gallery to celebrate his memory.Nothing was done. the reason "is" nobody including ( his students, friends, etc.) and his family took the initiative to locate, inventory and photograph his artistic creations which are dispersed throughout Algeria and the rest of the world.
I volunteer to create a blog dedicaded to him and his art, if someone in Algeria has the motivation to provide me with some onsite material.

shawi said...

Don't give up on your idea! See if you can get in touch with his family.

qim di lehna, stay well.

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