Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi metta hallem/t,
Hope all is well with you guys.

I have a treat for you. And what a treat! Jimi Mazigh doing what he does best: shawi grove. The second song ajjey a tezragh -let me see her- is from his new album ADHBIR N WAWRESS.

Enjoy the clip and PLEASE SUPPORT our artists, BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. Jimi's Albums are available back home in Algeria. So if you are not in Algeria, ask your family and friends to send you cd or two. They make a perfect gift!

Until next time, qimet d'i lehna nu Halleq.

1-See zrighichem lyrics @ Awalen

2-In ajjey a tezragh, Jimi celebrates the beauty and virtues of Tishawiyyine, Shawi women.

arwal amma, ajjey a tazrgha
TamattuT d’ wazgan
a yemma d' yelliss n Ishawiyen
a yemma d' yelliss n iHroren Taya.

Step aside, let me take a look
This is a fine woman
Daughter of Ishawiyen
Daughter of the proud.


  • ajjey: let me
  • ighallen: pl. of ghil, arm
  • azgan: half
  • ajenna: sky
  • s yayya: from here
  • chem/tchem: you (f)
  • irawen: wide/big (Tittawin/eyes)

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