Friday, February 26, 2010

Aith Frah

Hello everyone
As you may know Geocities, and with it the old Ah Frah website, was put down by Yahoo last year.
Our village's new site is now at: Aith Frah

There are ample changes and updates within the site notably the inclusion of some interesting online documents like Leopold Buvry's trip to Beni Farah in 1858 (in French) and the accounts of M. W. Hilton-Simpson's trips to Beni Farah (1913, 1919) (in English). I hope I'll be able to add more documents in the future.

As usual your suggestions are always welcome.

Best regards
Majid Hatna


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info. The author of the 'Aith Frath Blog" seems to still live in the colonial era. Trying to make the Farhis a distinct race from the other shawis(most Farhis don't agree with him) and other algerians. As a shawi I'm totally disappointed by this pseudo webmaster. He should have his acts together. He is talking about Farhis immmigrating to Batna and Biskra hello immigrating!!!. How about the Farhi diaspora in the world: that's a disgrace. How narrow minded and how tribalistic!!
This individual doesn't represent us we Ishawiyen.

shawi yegguma said...

Thanks for your input! I suggest you write to him and make your point!
Qim d'i lehna.

Michel Aflaq said...

This individual doesn't represent us we Ishawiyen.

I didn't know that Ichawiyen signed 'Anonymous'

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