Monday, August 10, 2009

YOUBA-Hamurth nu Mazigh

beddegh d'i nSaf nu sellass
trajigh ad yegr wass
w ach mezregh a Lures
qqimegh fellam d'a3asses
a thamurth u Mazigh.

I stand in darkness...
Waiting for the dawn...
To see you O Aures
I'm always watching over you...
O Land of Amazigh.

Artist: Youba
Song: Tamurth nu Mazigh
Album: Alwiza

Magical stuff!

Enjoy s lena!

With our thanks to: AcallToPeace !


  • ussen: days
  • asselless: darkness
  • a3assess: gard

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sahit a ouma, je ne connaissais pas cet artiste, je vais partager cette vidéo. qim dhi lahna. Bonne continuation.

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