Wednesday, July 15, 2009

AMEL HATTAK: A New Shawi Talent

Hi, metta hallem/t,
Amel Hattak is a young artist from Khenchela. She is from the community of Ayth Yaaqoub. She is into music and theatre. LOVELY!!


With our thanks to Nora of auresiennekahina !

"My name is Amel and I live in Babar street. My family name is Hattak and I am from the community of Ayth Yaaqoub. I sing in Tashawit and act in the theatre. I represent my region and would like to share its art with the rest of the world."

In this video, Amel sings two songs: haslith and gug a memmi gug.

haslith n wanzer,
su mellal d’u zizaw
ithri d'u cheqquf,
acheqquf azugar

haslith, haslith n wanzer
d'i hmurth inugh
a ttir abarken
yul wi3annen
d'i hmurth n yud'en, d'i hmurth n yud'en
haslith, haslith n wanzer
d'i hmurth inugh.

GUG A MEMMI GUG is an old shawi lullaby.
gug a memmi gug
ennal gher wad'rer
fu aghyul awasser
mani nella zik nettirer
ad' yakber memmi
wa d'i3ad' d''argaz
w asdawigh aslith,
wa d'iqam akham

gug a memmi gug.


  • memmi: my son
  • ad'rer: mountain
  • aghyul: donkey
  • awasser: old
  • haslith: bride
  • 3ilb: young boy


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