Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Chaouia-Arabe-Kabyle &Français

With our thanks to Ameddukel nnegh ZIRI!


Anonymous said...

Azzul fellawen(t),

This is really great. Thank you and Ziri for this treasure of "Iles Ennegh" !!

If anyone can provide us with the other Huyghe's dictionary, it woul be a good chance to rewrite aour Amawel.
Slimane Niheddadhen

shawi yegguma said...

Metta hallid' a Slimane,
The internet is a great learning tool. If only Ishawiyen get involved!

Qim d'i lehna.

Anonymous said...

Matta hellith awma aguegouman,

As a matter of fact, I am a daily visitor of Awal Nushawi since it started.
I would like to contribute by sending you some classsic french studies (colonial period) of chaouia and other amazigh dialtects which I have foun here and there surfing the web.

Just tell me about the way I can insert them in your blog.

Qim thi lehna awma.


p.s. Azwer swaman athigue'mer, H'shawith issnegh etteder !!

shawi yegguma said...

Thanks a Slimane!

Just send your stuff to: AT

>p.s. Azwer swaman athigue'mer, H'shawith issnegh etteder !!

Ammin a Slimane ammin :) I like it!

I appreciate your contribution and your loyalty to this blog.

Have a nice weekend and may Ahalleq bless you!

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