Saturday, November 1, 2008

Souhali on Shawi songs, Amazigh rhythms and Ayeche


Anonymous said...

Hi shawi,
Thanks for finding this educating video from Salim about the musical styles in our region.This kind of information should be documented, archived and made available. I was impressed to learn about the story and behind the legendary song Ayyach a Memmi. I really do believe in it. It just my shawi intuition.
I heard that Salim Souhali has a lot of unpublished documents. Wish someone will help or sponsor him publishing his knowledge.

shawi yegguma said...

Hi dude :)
Salim is walking encyclopaedia :) Not only in music, but in arts in general, history and Tashawit. Ishawiyen should take advantage of his amazing knowledge. And yes, DOCUMENTATION is the key word!

Ayeche story makes sense. I say this because it is a sad song. Something about it touches my soul. It never fails.

Take care.

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