Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hi, metta hallem/t,
Just wanted to remind you that the yellow house will be on dvd very soon, December 08. So mark your calenders :)

Taxi driver : Salam 3alikum,.... a nech .... Habseghed gherk
I recognised you, so here I am...

Miloud : yerHam waldik
Bless you.

Taxi driver : chek haqimed' ambane?
Is there a problem with your vehicle?

Miloud : lmotor igguma ad' yekker
Yes, The engine won't start.

Taxi driver : igguma ad yekker? waya d'aSanduq n memmik?
Won't start?, Is this the remains of your son?

Miloud : hih, hwaSlighihed
Yes, I brought him back.

Taxi driver : nech achromorkigh, achromorkigh gher lgarage
I will tow your vehicle to the garage.

Miloud : yerHam waldik
Bless you.

Taxi driver : .... adawigh asghrun...
I will get the rope

Miloud : yerHam waldik
Bless you.

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