Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More on akham awragh

Metta hallem/t,
-Hakkar's The Yellow House picked up three awards: the Don Quixote Award from the Fédération internationale des ciné-clubs (FICC), the Ecumencial Jury Prize and Third Prize from the Youth Jury.

-I was informed by Sarah Films that the yellow house will be available on dvd next year.
"...The movie of "la maison jaune" will be coming on DVD during the year 2008."

I cannot wait!

-Also, I came across this clip. During an interview, Amor was overwhelmed with emotions.

We love you, Amor!

Source : chawiland


Anonymous said...

Tanemirt ! Thank you for this moving clip.
And Congratulations to Mr Hakkar. Hope to get his film on DVD as soon as it's released.


Anonymous said...

Azul felawn Aytma,
Matta hallem
tanemirt pour l information, je suis trop contente de savoir que je vais pouvoir dès 200_ regarder en famille chez moi en france et en vacance dans les aures, le dvd de notre frere le grand HAKKAR, trop cool la vie!

la dihya

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