Sunday, April 1, 2007

Berber writing system adaptable to the modern age

By Lyes Aflou for Magharebia in Algiers – 30/03/07
Source : magharebia

An international colloquium on Tifinagh, the earliest alphabet used to transcribe the Amazigh language, took place on Thursday (March 22nd) in Algiers. Organized by the High Commission for Amazigh (HCA), the conference was attended by distinguished social science experts from Niger, Morocco, Tunisia and France. Those in attendance deliberated the alphabet's use and how best to preserve it as a part of the Berber people's cultural heritage

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fusahrur said...

azul awma ,manek i thellidh,
je 'tenvoie encore un texte des bèrbère,la vidéo ça m'a fait du bien ,merci Sali!


yaggura amellal eddwi el haf
lalla echmezragh s'titawn inu
Netch d'ameziane d'assekhaf
hitawin n'nem a welma enghinaya

Ma yella ma yella Bechtoula twella
echmigegh dug beggaz
adh'chouked issem l'aarach uadhernih hamourth issegniyen
adh choukedh issem l'Awrès.
uadhernigh leffjouj khlia

Ath ya ma ahlan amdoukel laamaria

Ps Leffjouj khlia:amkan/quartier fi Oum el bouaghi
Isseguniyen/aarch n'haractas!


shawi said...

Thanks a fusahrur!

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