Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jimi rocks the house

Metta hallem/t,
Beautiful, gorgeous, soulful,lehwawi n wul at its best! I found myself dancing with tears in my eyes. What a treat!

This clip is a mixture of Jimi's music( lawa lawa )and his improvisation of katchou's oldies. Feel the Algerian spirit, experience the shawi groove and rock with Jimi and the gang.

Thanks, Arris! Thank you for easing the pains of lghorbeT. Thanks for making it bearable. May aHalleq bless you all!

Le printemps berbère à Arris (suite)
Uploaded by Yellis-n-Arris

sussem sussem ha Mtoussa*
sussem sussem Ichawiyen ellen
a nechnine tarwa n Jermouni
tarwa nu shawi amoqran
Hlili f miss nu mazigh
Hlili d'shawi d'aTarress
yekhs ad' yili d'eg ammes
yewwid aqSab d'u bendir
yewwid lufwacha d' yisen
Tarwa n warris amoqran
Tarwa n yingan i3alan
Hlili f miss n lures
Hlili d'shawi TaTarress
yekhs ad' yili gummes n lajnes
sussem sussem ha Mtoussa
arfed' fellam anazgum
winin etturid'
s yism nnes mmaksen lahmum

Hna shawiyya,
shawiyya la tgulu d'allu
ekkertid, la ygulu d'allu
win roHna Hawwasa
Hawwasa wa nwallu

a lalla barkam akhammam
sug khammam Harqan wulawen
a lalla lbarod' issiwal
issiwal zeng yikhfawen
a lalla barkam akhammam
sug khammam Harqan wulawen

*The birth place of Jermouni.

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