Thursday, September 7, 2006

News n yiTran

During the last few weeks, the folks at Latti3ad n Tshawit conducted interviews with the following artists : Nouari Nezzar and Salah Nasri. The two artists revealed that they are working on new materials.

Asked why this long absence, Nouari said,"a nechnine nkhaddem, a nechinine naqqaz", we are working hard. He revealed that he is working in his own studio, using digital high tech.

Latti3ad n Tshawit played his song Timsunine:

idaflawen qnaned
ibridan i ttawin
gher TmureT n yargazan
ma Talla Timsunine
aiT bab n wa3law
d wawal egallen yijjine.....

Some facts about Nasri Salah
-He is from Batna
-Started singing in late 1980s
-Has 3 albums and is in the process of working on his fourth. He indicated that the lyrics of his incoming album are by Aissa Brahim.

Latti3ad n Tshawit palyed his song inittaya metta yaDran:

inittaya metta yaDran
di TmureT nnegh
ya rabbi ferraj ferraj
fi gallilen d maghben
qqimen d-igujilen
a rabbi mani ad u3an
a yemma yemma TamureT inu
a Tamakhlut n wul inu......

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