Saturday, September 9, 2006

ITRANE : war3ad allan

I am glad to report that the band ITRANE of Oum el Bouaghi is alive and kicking. Samia of Latti3ad n Tshawit conducted an interview with Aziz, one of the boys. Aziz indicated that the band visited Tunisia where they did a gig. Also, they participated in Rock n Roll festival which took place in Annaba.

Aziz revealed that the song yemma was a hit with the fans. He also revealed that they are in the process of finishing a new album. Asked when will the new album hit the market, Aziz replied,"yur, yur d wazgan.." a month, a month and half. Samia mentioned something about Hicham, another member of the band winning a prize in an event which took place in Oran.

Latti3ad n Tshawit played the song yemma. A gorgeous song! I only managed to write a few lines.

yemma hatallem f tilmi
walma fellass hrafed
haZda yemma aqachabi
ufighed assa di TaSmaD
haqqar i memmi ad yirD.....

But if you really want to get your fill of ITRANE beautiful music, just visit amaddukal nnegh G.B. of ichawiyenautrement , music section/ITRANE.

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