Friday, September 29, 2006


It seems that Ahcene Sabri is using the name Ahcene Tiguiyare. Amghar is a song from his new album. The second part of the song is in Derja.

Enjoy, esghed, listen amgher


amghar Halleq aHalleq
rabbi d-aHallaq
mani adu3igh
lqablaT d-Isagniyyen*
ad roHagh wa adwalligh
gher u HakaT** nech et rajigh

uchas wa erni uchay
lehna d lkhir
chek d-aHalleq

ya lbayDa halbayDa
ya mammou la3ayan
khalliti wald bladek
u roHti li lbarrani

khayef yedduha
u yaba3Tuha
troH 3aliya
ki tfut 3aliya iroHli laHsab
nahdar m3aha ma nalga jwab

*Isagniyyen : A shawi community from the regions of Afakrun and Tamlilt.
**Ait HarkaT : Another Shawi 3arch from the regions of Oum el Bouaghi and Ain Beida. They gave us the legendary Jermouni.

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