Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tracing the history of a song : aserraH

Aissa Boudraa of latti3ad n Tshawit conducted an interview with Gareh Abderrazeq. Mr Gareh is a poet/song writer from the area of Oum el Bouaghi. He wrote many lyrics for the artists of the area. Abderrazeq revealed that he is the author of the song aserraH - see the post iness iness - of the band Thiguiyyer .

He summarized the idea of the song as follow, " the old days, the chance of boys meeting girls was limited. To communicate, they needed an intermediary..." That is where the shepherd came in.

For a boy to send a word or a gift to his lover, he used the shepherd of the family of the girl as a messenger. He described a trick used by the boys to send gifts to their lovers" ...chmal inin ettigan dis lcadeau, qli n lbariantine, qli n lluban". Chmal was used to hide perfume and gum. He described chmal, "C'est un morceau de tissu, ttiguiniT f Tangheft n tfunaset, nnigh n tka3uzet, nnigh Tikhsi, bech izmer nnigh ighid nnigh a3ajmi u ditattaDcha yemmes..." Chaml is a piece of fine fabric used to cover the udder of goats, sheep or cows during day time to preserve milk.

: a piece of fine fabric, see above.
-Tangheft : udder
-Tafunest : cow
-Taka3uzet : goat
-Tikhsi : sheep(one). Ulli, plural
-nnigh : or
-izmer : baby lamb
-ighid : baby goat
-a3ajmi : baby cow
-qli : a bit/some
-lluban : a type of gum

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