Tuesday, August 15, 2006

susem a TahuT

I love this song! It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Listening to Salim's music eases the pains of lghorbeT, the pains of being away from Home. Have a listen and let soul man Salim take you to Aures.

Enjoy... song94 Susem a TahuT

susem susem ya TahuT
ajenna yarsed f tmureT
aSammiD u saffay
wa achta Tacha TafsuT

ekkered ekkred a yelli
ennasraH ulli
(Not clear.......)
wa nans am yiDali

uguir uguir a TahyuT
ennali gher Timsunin
imddukal nnegh dinn.

-susem :
-TahuT/TahyuT: girl/daughter
-ajenna : sky
-aSammiD : cold
-saffay : fine snow
-TafsuT : spring
-ulli : sheep
-ennans : spend the night(we)
-iDali :
last night
-uguir : let us go
-gher : to
-Timsunin : Mchouneche, a town in the Aures region.
-imddukal : friends
-nnegh : ours
-dinn : there

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