Thursday, August 24, 2006

Omar Abdelhadi : The New Kid On the Block

Samia of latti3ad n Tshawit conducted an interview with Omar Abdelhadi seg ghir n warris, from the region of Arris. A farmer by profession, the 22 year old is passionate about his music. He started singing at a very early age, by imitating his favored singers. Now he wants to take it a step further.

He is working on his first album which will hit the market around October or so. Of his coming album, Omar indicated that his music is about Tashawit and social problems. He stressed that his goal isn't about making money. His goal is preserving the shawi heritage and advancing Tashawit. He mentioned that the lyrics of the coming album are by Aissa Brahim. Omar acknowledged Aissa's Help and thanked him.

The album promises to be a hit. I say this because Aissa Brahim is one the best song writers we have. Also, Omar has a wonderful voice, what a gurzi!

Good luck, Omar! I take this opportunity to salute Aissa Brahim for helping the shawi kids master their musical craft. Thanks amoqran a Aissa!

Here is a taste of the coming album:

iSSoD u baHri fella
abaHri n wadrar aziza

yehwad u metta w iligh
mmakTigh udem n 3aziza.

I felt the cool breeze
The breeze of mountain AZIZA*

Tears poured down my cheeks
When I remembered the face of 3aziza.

Speaking of Aissa Brahim, Samia reported that he is working on his new album.

*A mountain in Aures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shawi,
You're becoming a wonderful freelance reporter.
Thank you for this informative post. Best of chance for Omar amezzu. Talking of Essa Brahim, he's indeed the most talented personality in the shawi cultural arena as: a poet, writer, event organizer and singer. I wish him success with all his projects.
I heard that Essa is looking for a publisher for his work. Do you have any idea, or anybody else reading this comment who can give us his email address.

By the way stop sitemetering me shawi!!!
DAs, I'm just kidding.


shawi said...

Hi there chek,

I don't know Aissa's email. All I can suggest is to write to him via the cultural center of wad elma, where he works as a director.

>By the way stop sitemetering me shawi!!!

Not in a million years :)

Have a nice weekend!

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