Sunday, August 20, 2006

Algerian Derja

Metta hallem/t,

Check out this item about the Algerian Derja. The article is in Arabic.

Read el3ammiya el jazairiyya

PS : It appears that el Jazeera picked up the story from Reuters.

Read the original Say what?

"Let's try this: A car hit Mohamed, who was taken to hospital. In Algerian patois: Mohamed darbattou tonobile, dattou direct el sbitar.
In this example, the verb is in Algerian dialect, the word car is in a kind of French, sbitar is Turkish, and the intonation is taken from the Berber Kabyle language."

"Hna Kaoum El Rapid, lazam tbougi bach takoul el rougi" or "We belong to a speedy generation, you have to move fast if you want to live decently".

I call that Algerian chakchouka, or should I say Algerian schizophrenia :)

On the light side, here is a joke :

An Algerian dude went to the post office to get stamps. He said " uridu tawabi3a barididya, I want stamps." The postman didn't get it. The guy next in line explain the nature of the request. So the postman said" ya si Mohamed wa3lah matgoulech timbre, mata3arfch tahdar el 3arbiya walla wach, yakhi hala yakhi, what is wrong with you, don't you know how to say timbre(stamp in french), don't you speak Arabic?".

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