Thursday, July 13, 2006

A bit of poetry

This poem was read by Houari Hriza* during the shawi song festival which took place in Merouana, Aures, in early July.

yemma Trabey s waghrumen n yirden
d timzin
yemma TwaSay bech ad nethalligh deg gurbi
mani lulegh wa Trabbigh
nech d-amazigh, nech d'chawi lligh, chawi lligh
aqbayli d taqbayliT d Targui d chenwiT
d-ayaTma yellen d-yaTma yellen
assa, adecha, Tamazight Talla Talla

My mother raised me on wheat and barley bread
She taught me to be proud of my roots
I am poud to be Shawi Amazigh
Iqbayliyen, the Terguis and Chenwis are my brothers
Tamazight lives today, tomorrow and forever.

: I
-aghrum : bread
-irden : wheat
-Timzin : barley
-ayaTma : brothers
-lulegh : born
-Trabbigh : reared

*Houari Hriza is a member of the association iHbiben n tturaT.


Anonymous said...

Hello shawi,
Thanks for this poem from Houari. Do you have more info. about this Belezma festival that took place in Tmarwent. Its program, activities and participants.


shawi said...

Hi there, amk hallid,

It is more of music festival, shawi music festival that is. But it includes other activities such as reading, crafts...etc.

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