Monday, June 19, 2006

mani achmafegh

Mani achmafegh deals with one of Massinissa's favored subjects, love. Indeed Massinissa is the king nu chehal. Mani achmafegh is about love gone wrong.

Artist : Massinissa

Song : mani achmafegh


wa yellan serfigheT TamaddiT n lakhmis
igharsichemd nnigh ud yussich
yewwid awalen mugguen n tnazriT
twakTben s wuregh n tfukeT n tmaddiT
mani achmafegh
manhu achemyezrin
khsegh achmezregh
manhu ed seqsigh
u3ad ma Tasslid
TammuTed nnigh Tallid
ghaDiney ussen inin yellen s3addighihen
amk uleghrich nu mukan egg ul nnem
TaDsa yellen Dsigh Twalla d-imattawen
makcha hadess3adigh ussen inaggura
inaya metta Taslid
Tuguired u ghri ur Twallid
jar n yiD d wass Tattud manhu Tallid
u3ad ma Taslid
TammuTed nnigh Tallid

Where are you?

I sent you a messenger thursday afternoon
I am wondering if he reached you
He was carrying words of wisdom
Inscribed from the rays of afternoon sunshine

Where are you ?
Who has seen you
I would like to see you
Whom should I ask
Reply if you hear me
Are you dead or alive

I mourn those days spent
Deprived from your love
My laughter turned into tears
How will I spend my last days

Tell me what did you hear
you left me and never came back
What caused the sudden change
Reply if you hear me
Are you alive or dead

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