Friday, May 19, 2006

Moumna : A Poetic Journey

Author : Abdellah KHELFA

Title : Moumna

Type : Poetry

Publisher : Éditions Echihab , Batna, 2002

In Moumna, Abdellah Khelfa takes the reader on a poetic journey that gently relaxes one from the inside out . The author presents us with a collection of inspiring poems. He tackles themes such as love, spirituality, brotherhood and exile.

Here is an example of what awaits the reader. This is from the poem Moumna:

am moumna
netzalla... s wa nesla
netzalla... s wa nezra
nassen... aHalleq yella

MOUMNA : The Believer

In the same way Moumna prayed
we pray to what we hear
we pray to what we see
we know ...God exists


hchicha said...

Azul fellawen!
Bravo pour le blog . je decouvre et je respecte bcp votre demarche...

Je l'indexe de suite dans le dzblogs aggregator qui est là

Ar tufat

shawi said...

Tanammirt, I appreciate your kind words!

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