Monday, May 15, 2006

latti3ad n Tashawit

latti3ad n Tashawit is a Shawi radio program. You can catch it at lachaine2

Their schedule : Saturday-Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, 2 pm-3pm dz time.

The program covers different subjects: news, language, cultural issues and history.

I managed to follow Sunday's program. Here is a summary for you:

Music : markunda, Jamal Sabri, Salim miss u mazigh and les fideles.

This is the first time I hear les fideles. They are very good.

Traditions : Boussaha talked abou different traditions(from around the world). There is one particular Auressian tradition I found interesting. It seems that in some shawi areas, if it was raining and the people thought they had enough and wanted it to stop, they throw aqannuchet n waghi, a bowl of milk to the heavens. I must admit I never heard this one before.

Language : the program featured a segment titled iles n Tshawit, presented by Ahmed Boussaha. iles n Tshawit is a weekly session which deals with old/lost shawi words.

Mr. Boussaha talked about the following words:

1-anemsir, aglim n yiker : rams' skin. Do you know the roots of the word?

Mr Boussaha traces the word anemsir to Tafar3oniT, the old Egyptian language.

2-islan : the word asli means groom, but what does islan mean?.

Mr Boussaha suggests that in the region of Khenchela, awal islan is used to mean wedding/celebration.

3-afunas : the male of a cow, but do you know that it has another use? Can you guess?

According to Boussaha, awal afunas can be used to determine a quantity of water. Example: flan ghars nubb nu funas. I suppose he is talking about the old days when people took turns in using water for their land.

4-Tagazit : chicken, but it has another use, can you guess?

It seems that in addition to its known meaning(chicken), awal Tagazit has a geometric dimension. Mr Boussaha suggested that awal Tagazit can be used to describe a type/shape of wood. He went on to say," amk qqaren di Ta3arabet tajj; u di Tafransist chapiteau..."

Until next time, qimet di lehna.

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