Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Metta hallem/t,

Some news items to report, courtesy of Latti3ad n Tshawit:

-There is a new kid in the shawi music scene. He does a mean Jermouni. Mean as in fantastic. What a voice! His name is Mourad Sid, from the region of Oum el Bouaghi.

-Shawi music festival will be held in Merouana, early July.

-Joe and les Berberes are in the process of producing a new album. The album will include their famous song Bechtoula.

The guys of latti3ad n Tshawit use the term TasfifT to mean Album. I wonder what is the origin of the word? Any ideas?

Until next time, qimet di lehna.


Lameen Souag said...

You might be interested in this story I picked up from El Watan: Tamazight (Berber) language teaching in Batna

shawi said...

Thanks, bro! Whatever happened to "Writing Berber Languages: a quick summary"?

Lameen Souag said...

It's coming back, inshallah, as soon as I find a site other than GeoCities to host it on - know any free website hosts?

shawi said...

>It's coming back, inshallah, as soon as I find a site other than GeoCities to host it on

I would like to link it, so keep me posted.

>know any free website hosts?

Sorry, I don't know much about the net stuff.

Anonymous said...

Asfifth is a wire surrounding the "keskass" to prevent the evaporation from "Acilett".
But it has other use.
The verb is "Sef".

KLK1 said...

Azzul felawen a tharwa n Yirran

Asfifth = Ribbon, it can be used for many applications, such as the internal sides of "Thaqachabith" or "A3elaw"... We also call the K7 internal tape "thassfifth".

Ghimet dhi lahna o halaq.

shawi said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate your input!

Speaking of the stuff we use to prevent the evaporation from "haciltt", Nana used "arakTi", dough. It has a name, but I cannot recall it. Any ideas?

KLK1 said...

Oui gherk al haq a Shawi, natague arakti jar nu "keskass" at "Idhoureth" "Acilett" surtout idhoureth nt-lakhath, akanatch atugh mamak as naqar st Chawith. I will think about it on the way driving home.

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