Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Aissa Brahimi

While I was listening to latti3ad n Tashawit, I heard this beautiful song by Aissa Brahimi. The song is of achehal type, love song. I managed to write down some of its lyrics. Anyone who has the rest of the lyrics, please share them with us. Do your twiza! Use the comments section or email me.

ili di damman, u nech d-izoran

ili dajarriH, nech ad idawan

ili d-anawwer, u nech d-asannan

falu d-amallel, deg zaw abarkan

You be the blood and I will be your veins

You be the wound and I will be the healer

You be the flower and I will be the thorn*

*In other words, I will protect you. Oh, metta heHla TuTlayT nnegh!

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