Saturday, April 1, 2006

Ay afrukh

Lyrics/music: Salim Souhali

Ay Afrukh

ay afrukh i3alen d'ug jenna

ad'uma roH sal f yemma

ad'uma iness memmim yella

yuzzel u maTTa fi maggan inugh

amk mmekTigh TamurT inugh

ad'uma iness memmim yella

ay ayfrukh melmi ad welligh?

ghri la3wam u netch trajigh

ad'a zragh TafsuT d'i TmurT inugh.

O Bird

O bird, flying in the sky

Please give my love to my mum

Tell her your son is ok

Tears flood my cheeks

Whenever I think of HOME

Tell her your son is ok

O bird, when will I return HOME?

It has been long years of waiting

To see spring in my homeland


auresstella said...

well i have just discovered this and i am very proud and very happy for this project of yours,i am thrilled , this is great! it sounds like my dream project!i am a chawia and i have a pure chawi blood that i can feel running in my vains, recently i developped a strong passion to the chawi culture though i was not raised accordingly,and i have a lot of ideas and dreams about that! this is great!i deeply thank you for this!

shawi yegguma said...

Welcome aboard a weltma :)

I appreciate your feedback and kind words!

auresstella said...

oh thank you! i really want to contribute in preserving our beautiful amazing culture! that s my greatest concern and i want to dedicate my life to this, this is a long time goal ofcourse, but i pray to god to help me to achieve what i am dreaming about!
thank you once again and you can not imagine how much this made me happy and motivated me with a lot of inspiration!endless thanks!may god bless you! and bless all ichawien &imazighen everywhere!

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