Sunday, March 26, 2006

yellis n wadrar

Lyrics/Music : Massinissa

Listen, esghed yelliss n wadrar

yelliss n wadrar

a yelliss n wadrar Tatlagha f aytmass roHan

adawin Tilalli i TmurT nssen

Tatlagha f aytmass wa ittawin ness churened

hatshawar su fuss ness

aked nehnin tu3anissed

melmi hasadwallen

ad ichar fellass akham

Tilalli bech attess attus g damman wa tterni

u nehnin dawmaTen dayan eg tess3a si Rabbi

i3zizin eg gallen ra3a fellassen a zizi.

Mountain Girl

Mountain girl is calling her brothers

They are on their way to fight for freedom

She calls on them, her eyes full of tears

She waves at them

They wave back at her

When will they return to her

And her home will be full of happiness

The cost of freedom is high

They are her brothers, all she has in life

May her dear ones be protected

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