Monday, March 15, 2010

A Musical Tour With Massinissa

hiwd'i ma yella niggess ray,
netteth eghn issahwan ikhfawen

If we let fear control us,
We will end up humiliated

With our thanks to: zouloudz

ekker a Yuba ekker a Yuba
sekker ayTmek ad'roHen ad'aqran
laqqahen gher zdaT sn3Tassen abrid'

bedd f yikhfawen n id'urar
Taggred Titt nnek gher zdaT
abrid' eT akdiban abrid' eT akdiban


  • Tiwd'i / hiwd'i : fear
  • ikhfawen : pl. of ikhf, head
  • agastur : sword
  • ud'en : people
  • uma: brother
  • ekker: wake up/stand up
  • id'urar: mountains
  • ra3a: look
  • zdaT: ahead
  • yis: horse
  • Titt: eye
  • abrid': road
  • sn3Tassen: show them (nehnine/them)

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