Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hi, metta hallem/t,

Happy belated Laid' Amoqrane!

The film Yellow house is available on dvd. I urge all of you to buy the dvd. Contact Sarah-Films to get your copy. Tell your friends about it. And if you can, please get some extra copies for your family/friends back home.

Règlement par chèque à l'ordre de Sarah-Films.
Sarah-Film, 2c Chemin de Palente, 25 000 Besançon


Anonymous said...

Our Algerian Amazigh brothers are always at the forefront even in cinema!

The film poster looks professional and nice, and not folklorish!

But there is one thing that always bothers me which is: giving a French title to an Amazigh film!

-Why can't they just give an Amazigh-language title to the film and write it in latin or tifinagh letters (with a mini-title in English for more clarification)?
- This kind of behavior places every Amazigh production (film/music) under another cultural flag, usually French or Arab.
-If I saw this poster on some other website I would immediately think it's just another French film.!

We need to dare name our things with our own words. That's what it's all about.

Ayyuz & Tanmmirt.
M. Belkasim

shawi yegguma said...

Your points are well taken!

That is why I titled my post AKHAM AWRAGH. A hint to Amor :)

Having said that, I would like to make another point. Amor has been living in France since he was 6 months old. The fact that he speaks Tashawit is a miracle.

Tanmmirt a Belkasim!

Ana Carlota said...

Could you please tell me if the dvd is still available nowadays, and if it is possible to buy the film with subtitles in English. Thank you very much

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