Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mounib Needs Your HELP

Fund Raising for the three year-old Algerian Child “Mounib” with Myelomeningocele and Spina Bifida illness.


I urge you to give as much as you can. Remember that EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

May God protect Mounib & and may Ahalleq bless you for helping!

PS: Update news from AAAGW," Mounib and his mother arrived in Rochester, MN at 8 pm MT and are doing well. He already started his treatment as an inpatient.

Please keep him in your prayers and continue your financial contribution to pay the outstanding balance of $15,500 for Aero Care that is needed urgently.

In addition, we need to pay their daily expenses during their stay."

Please keep ameziane nnegh, our little one in your prayers. I urge all of you to keep giving! Every little bit helps! For all the updates and how to help, go to AAAGW

Qimet d'i lehna nu Halleq.

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