Saturday, October 6, 2007

Le voyage de Nadia

"There is among us a feeling of guilt toward women, because we know how much we oppress them; a strong feeling of guilt can be found deep within every Algerian man, and first of all toward his mother, because no Algerian man can forget how much our mothers suffer, how much they have suffered."
Kateb Yacine

Very moving!

Nadia's Journey

As a young woman, Nadia Zouaoui vowed that her suffering would not be in vain. When she was 19, her parents forced her into an arranged marriage with an Algerian man twice her age living in Montreal. He had chosen her based on a photograph. Years later, she returns to Kabylie, Algeria to see if things are any different.

Her journey is a hellish voyage into a patriarchal culture backed by strict Muslim tradition, a society obsessed with female virginity that keeps women in servitude. She depicts with clarity and intimacy the cruelty endured even to this day by so many girls and women held captive in their homes. This deeply disturbing documentary provides a gripping experience for men and women, young and old alike.

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