Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Carriageworks
Main Auditorium
12 November 07 @ 4pm

UK Premiere
Dir. Amor Hakkar
Algeria / France, 2007, 85 mins

A sublime and moving piece of filmmaking set in the arid landscapes of Algeria which tells the tale of a family who learn the eldest son has died in a car accident, away on military service. Father Mouloud immediately sets off to collect his body from the city for proper burial. Returning, he realises that his wife Fatima has fallen too deep into grief and tries everything to bring a smile to her face once again – nothing works. But then a mysterious plastic cassette is discovered among the boy's belongings...

Please go see the movie and share with us your impressions. Thanks!

PS : Here is a clip from The Yellow House : akham awragh
Scene 1
Fatima : uguir awid memmi a lMiloud
Go bring my son, Miloud.
Miloud : ... lukane ma yekhs Rabbi ad'echa a3achwiT ...
I will be back tomorrow afternoon inchallah.
Fatima : aHrez imannek a lMiloud
Take care of yourself, Miloud.
Miloud : filamane
Miloud(talking to the daughter) : roH awayed abidun
Go get me the water container.
The girls : baba baba
Father father.
Miloud : enthallat d'i yemmeTkum
Take care of your mother.

Scene 2
Taxi driver : Salam 3alikum,.... a nech .... Habseghed gherk
I recognised you, so here I am...
Miloud : yerHam waldik
Bless you.
Taxi driver : chek haqimed' ambane?
Is there a problem with your vehicle?
Miloud : lmotor igguma ad' yekker
Yes, The engine won't start.
Taxi driver : igguma ad yekker? waya d'aSanduq n memmik?
Won't start?, Is this the remains of your son?
Miloud : hih, hwaSlighihed
Yes, I brought him back.
Taxi driver : nech achromorkigh, achromorkigh gher lgarage
I will tow your vehicle to the garage.
Miloud : yerHam waldik
Bless you.
Taxi driver : .... adawigh asghrun...
I will get the rope
Miloud : yerHam waldik
Bless you.

Scene 3
Miloud : labess?
Are you ok?
Daughter : labess
I'm ok.

Scene 4
Daughter : baba fakregh f lHajet n triciti
Father, I was thinking about the idea of electricity.
Miloud : lmouchkil aya Targued Taghla fellanegh
There is a problem, it is going to cost us a lot.
Daughter : makcha hanTfuraj?
So how are we going to watch?
Miloud : arwaH, enna3na lpoto
Come on, let us go to the pole.
Daughter : akhzar a baba,dakitina yella triciti, ad najbed' falu, wa nnig labrachma, a3na lbaladia a baba a3na a rabba ach i3ayyach
Father, look there is electricity, we can get an extension, please father, go see the city hall.
Miloud : haya enroH...
Ok, let us go...

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